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rganization The illustration above is an organizational chart of the Seventh Branch, Taiwan Water Corporation:
The following divisions are incorporated under the manager: Deputy Manager, Secretary, Public Works Section, Operations Section, Business Section, Material Section, Water Quality Inspection Section, Occupational Safety Section, Sightseeing Section, General Affairs Office, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Kaohsiung Service Center, Fongshan Service Center, Nanzih Service Center, Gangshan Service Center, Lujhu Service Center, Cishan Operations Station, Meinong Operations Station, Pingtung Operations Station, Gaoshu Operations Station, Donggang Operations Station, Hengchun Operations Station, Penghu Operations Station, Chengcing Lake Water Treatment Plant, Kaotan Water Treatment Plant, Dagangshan Water Treatment Plant, Pingding Water Treatment Plant, Fongshan Water Treatment Plant, Mudan Water Treatment Plant, and Kaohsiung Water Treatment Plant.

Work responsibilities of the management division:
1. Planning and implementing environmental matters related to reservoir water supply and water source protection.
2. Any operation matters related to the integrated use of water sources, effective distribution of water volume, and the balance of water supply pressure among various regions.
3. Operation matters related to the expansion, improvement, and construction of projects within the water supply regions.
4. Water supply, water storage, water channeling, water purifying, waste water treatment, distribution of water generated electricity, and other maintenance works.
5. Any repairs and maintenance works related to the above responsibilities.
6. Leakage inspection planning and implementation matters.
7. Water quality examination and control matters.
8. Operation planning and implementation, water meter management, repairs, and water usage violation matters.
9. Purchase, storage, and distribution of materials and related management matters.
10. Any other matters related to the region’s water supply, water sales, or other issues.

Each plant, division, or unit’s work responsibilities:
1. Control and maintenance matters related to water source, water purifying, waste water treatment, and water distribution system.
2. Matters related to operation, repairs, water supply, and water sales.

Service Hours:
1. Working days: Monday to Friday (except public holidays and Labor Day)  
2. Hours of operation: 8 am to 5:30 pm.  
3. Continual operation during lunch hours: The service (operation) division continues to work during lunch hours.  
(No Charges can be made at Hengchun Division during lunch hours: 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm).