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In response to rapidly changing internal and external environments, we consider our operation characteristics to provide the best services in the following areas:

I. Improve quality of the water supply. Provide our clients with sufficient tap water that has excellent quality and texture in order to meet their basic needs:
(1). Improve water supply coverage and actively develop new water sources:  
For remote and mountainous districts severely deprived of tap water, funds must be sought from the Water Resources Agency and the Council of Indigenous Peoples to establish tap water facilities and pipelines on a grand scale, so that each household can be provided with sufficient tap water.  
Since the County Government’s water quality examination has revealed severe groundwater contamination, Pingtung (a county with abundant ground water) must strive to promote and encourage its local resident to perform tap water application and installation.  
For offshore islands such as Penghu District, offshore island developmental funds must be sought to establish seawater desalination plants on a grand scale in order to resolve water shortages and alleviate financial burdens generated from water deliveries between Taiwan and Penghu District.
(2). Continue to improve water quality in the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area, so that each of our clients can enjoy tap water with the highest standards in Taiwan:  
Continue to establish advanced water purification plants to provide a water texture that suits our clients’ tastes.  
In response to high turbidity in raw water, low-turbidity water purification facilities shall be improved to prevent such incidents as the Shimen Reservoir’s Water Shortage from ever happening again.  
Government funds must be sought as soon as possible to construct raw or clear water supporting systems between different regions and water treatment plants 

II. Improve Electronization and Convenient Services to Improve Service Efficiency
Increase online application items, strengthen electronization measures, emphasize public opinions, resolve different problems, understand public demands, introduce service marketing, broaden service horizons, and improve service measures, as all in order to elevate overall customer satisfaction.  

III. Introduce a private corporation management spirit, enhance personnel’s courtesy, and instill them with “customer first” business concepts

(A). Strengthen courtesy training, reinforce service courtesy, and establish a warm and sincere public service image.

(B). Plan for personnel’s lifelong learning, equip personnel with service concepts and professional knowledge, and fulfill our consensus on total service to provide the public with our best service.

IV. Expand Customer Service Center Functions:
Equip the Customer Service Center with sufficient staff and facilities, so that it can deal with customer inquiries and complaints in a timely manner.

V. Promote water conservation concepts to the public to facilitate sustainable water resources:
Through a bottom-up approach, we must apply different media to promote water conservation concepts, engage the general public in the water purification station to observe water manufacturing processes, and organize various water research activities so that participants can understand how difficult tap water is to come by. By implementing overall community development, scarce water resources can be allocated where it is most needed.

VI. Educate consumers about proper water usage
(A). “Water safety” is more important than “water texture”. Various examination data from the Environmental Protection Administration have confirmed that tap water is usually safer than water sold in the market.
(B). Clean water tower to prevent second water contamination.

With continuing generation dynamics and rapid social transformation, public service must be improved in a timely manner to meet consumers’ high expectations. With a heart full of passion and gratitude, our staff members are dedicated to fulfill their responsibilities at work. The public is welcome to visit our water purification stations in order to understand the strict, careful, and intricate procedures in the production of tap water, thus fulfilling overall community development and creating a perfect water supply service that leaves no room for complaints.