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*Payment by EFT(Electronic Funds Transfer)(Auto pay)
It is time-saving and convenient for you to pay water rate by EFT with your passbook, personal seals and the recent bill receipt at the account-opening post office, every financial institution or local Taiwater service centers and operations stations.
*Water Fee Deposit Agents
Before the payment or deposit due date, you can make the payment with the payment notice from us at any convenience stores, and financial institutions of our signatory payment deposit agents.
*Within the deposit due date(payment due date included)
Large convenience stores such as, 7-11 President, FamilyMart, OK (OK Mart), Hi-Life International. Land Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, ChangHwa Bank, Citybank Taiwan, Kaohsiung Bank, Taichung Commercial Bank, King's Town Bank, Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank, Third Credit Cooperative, First Bank, Union Bank of Taiwan, E. Sun Bank, Jihsun International, Cosmos Bank. Keelung First Credit Cooperative(KFCC); Tamshui First Credit Cooperative(TFCC); Taoyuan Credit Cooperative; Hsinchu First Credit Cooperative(HFCC); Taichung Second Credit Cooperative(TSCC); Lukang Credit Cooperative, and Kaohsiung Third Credit Cooperative(KTCC) Panchiao, Hsinchung, Chunho, Sansia, Yingge, Shalu, Shehtou, and Kaohsiung Farmers’ Associations.  
Credit Cooperatives, Farmers’ and Fishermen’s Associations in every area only accept the payment before the due date, except for the institutions mentioned above.  
*Payment withholding from credit card
If your credit card bank has started the service for payment withholding from credit card, after you complete the application procedure, your water fee for every period will be noticed along with MTD credit expenditure by the bank.  
For now, our signatory pay-by-credit agent includes institutions:  
Citi Bank N.A., International Commercial Bank of China, United-Credit Commercial Bank, Bank of Overseas Chinese, Chinatrust Commercial Bank,Hsinchu International Bank, Union Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Jihsun International Bank, Tachong Bank, Kaohsiung Bank, Taiwan Business Bank, E. Sun Bank, Far Eastern International Bank, Taishin International Bank, Cosmos Bank, The Chinese Bank, Tainan Business Bank, HCBS in Hong Kong, Bank SinoPac, Cathay United Bank, and so on.  
*Payment by VOX (Voice-Operated Transmission)
Customers transmit payment information by telephone keystroke to automatically withhold payment from his account. There are, for now, several banks providing this service such as, Taipei Fubon Bank, Bank of Overseas Chinese, First Bank and so on.
*Payment through the Internet
Our signatory pay-on-internet agent is “ezPay Payment Center”, which has not only provided on-line payment by credit, Mondex electronic wallet, and current account transfer, but also in the future, by Web ATM. Other web banking agents such as Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Land Bank, Taiwan Business Bank, Jihsun International Bank, Citi Bank N.A., Chang Hwa Bank, and also provide services for water fee payment.
*Payment by Mobile Phone
Customers with SIM card containing CT emome banking function can transmit typed information through messages to autopay water fee from the assigned account. The available financial institution for now is Taiwan Cooperative Bank.
*Water fee Pre-paid
Customers prepaid unlimited amount for water fee, and we punctually withhold actual amount from the prepaid with receipt provided, informing the balance of the prepaid. An instant notice will be sent to the customer for further payment of the difference after deduction.
*Payment by Mail
Customers can send cash, sight checks, or postal drafts with a clear indication of water numbers and contact methods by registered mail to local Taiwater service centers or operations stations for the payment. We will send the further receipt after verification.
*In Person Payment
Customers can come to our nearby service centers and operations stations for the payment.
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